Cal Strider, also known by their chumhandle pinnochiosVices, is one of the four human beta players in Guidestuck. From Scarvenrot's tumblr (the creator), they are confirmed to be genderfluid.

Their chumhandle is a reference to pinnochio, a puppet, and vices which is immoral and wicked behavior. Cal uses the same color that Dave, Lil' Hal, and ARquiusprite used in Homestuck.

In Homestuck, they represent Lil' Cal, a puppet who belonged to Dave Strider's Bro. Lil' Cal is Dave's guide, for it had been prototyped to lead Dave in the doomed timelines. Lil' Cal in Homestuck was also a powerful juju that helped evil spread. Cal's object representing Dave and Dave's Bro are puppets that Cal stated to have made them themself.

Biography Edit

Cal lives in an apartment with their cousin Liv Tyler. Not much in known about their early life other than at some point they met the other main characters and began talking to them.

Cal has a crush on Bec, and has had it for months. They talk about this with Quinn, and Cal expresses how they want to come out to him before revealing that they like him.