Jaspers Lalonde is one of the four human beta players in Guidestuck (assuming there are any alpha humans.) He is the player representation of Rose Lalonde's guide Jaspers, the character swap being made clear by Jaspers' cat being named after, and having the appearance of, Rose.

Unlike Jaspers in the original Homestuck though, Rose is alive and well at the introduction to Jaspers, rather than buried in a mausoleum.

Jaspers uses the Pesterchum application to communicate with his friends, and also the Lusii, against his will. His chumhandle is acinonyxAnonymous.


Jaspers was raised by his father (Mapledad), who is the representation of Maplehoof from Homestuck. His father has a lot of affection for his son, and Jaspers seems to have been raised with a lot of pampering and care, much to his detestment. Jaspers is first introduced under his chumhandle in this conversation with Bec in which he briefly discusses the game with him and also teases him about having a crush on pinnochiosVices.


Jaspers is said to have once been a "caffiene-fueled idiot" according to auxiliaryProtocol. Jaspers originally met Becquerel in an online MMORPG. He supposedly was  extremely skilled and prodiguous in the game and Becquerel was almost like a fan of his. Since nobody taught Becquerel how to read or write extensively his grammar and general writing was poor at best. He was a fan of Jaspers' and even said to Jaspers 'i want to play lik you' and as far as 'yes i am not gud i can still play'. This began to cause Jaspers to realize he'd been horribly rude to everyone and essentially attempted to obliterate his past and become a new person. At a later date, Jaspers acted so differently that when he contacted Bec, he was none the wiser.

Poor bec

A memory of a conversation Jaspers had with Becquerel when Jaspers was eleven years old.

AA: Because after I changed, I came back to him thinking he would still recognize me.
AA: But he didn't. Not at all.
AA: He had no idea who I was because he still couldn't read all that well.
AA: And he was so fucking excited when he realized that I wanted to be his friend.

Jaspers as of yet has not told Becquerel of their linked past. auxiliaryProtocol is thoroughly disgusted with Jaspers in general and shows a strong dislike for conversing with him. Jaspers in turn is ashamed of his past, however refuses to acknowledge the rest of what AP says for the most part.