Sprites, known in their initial form as Kernelsprites, are entities released when a Sburb player first opens his or her Cruxtruder.To be useful, they must be prototyped by throwing some object into it. This object is then gone forever, but the sprite takes the form of said object.

Known SpritesEdit


A close up on Jadepuppysprite.


Jadepuppysprite is Bec's first prototyped sprite. After Jade's death, Jaspers was expected to deploy the Cruxtruder, open it, and throw Jade into the kernelsprite as told by someone known as auxiliaryProtocol. He did the first step with shaking hands causing a countdown to start. Jaspers then started bawling over the loss of Jade causing Bec to open the Cruxtruder himself. auxiliaryProtocol snapped Jaspers out of it by messaging him to prototype something. He warned Jaspers not to prototype Jade because of later consequences. In the rush of the moment, Jaspers prototyped Jade anyway. She talks in simple sentences, and seems to harbor an affection towards Bec.